The Rising of Online Shopaholics

September 23, 2011 § Leave a comment

If I have to name one activity that has risen along with the emergence of social media, I would have to say it is E-business. E-business, which is referred to Electronic business, is defined to be the form of internet application that is commonly used to accomplish business activities. One of the popular e-business that has affected society in a lot of ways is the phenomenon of online shopping. In this blog post, I will be focusing on the advantages of the online shopping from the customer’s side, followed with a video to mention few tips to shop online safely.

Online shopping has become everyone’s favorite in the society today. It has been an on-going phenomenon in all countries around the world, with the highest percentage of online shoppers reaches 99% in South Korea. As for the most popular and purchased items, according to a survey conducted by Italian Search Marketing and Blogger, are books with 41% purchased, clothing/accessories/shoes with 36% purchased, videos/dvds/games and airline tickets both with 24% purchased, and electronic equipment with 23% purchased.

Below, is one video that could portray how online shopping works in the real life:

As it has shown in the video, online shopping could really compete the real-life shopping experience depending on the internet’s fast speed and convenience. Consumers could be directly connected to the sellers without an intermediary, because of the internet. Consequently, online shopping could remove any location or availability restrictions. Both the process of exchanging information and purchasing the products could be done at any place in any time of the day. From this unlimited space and time through the internet, people could actually compare product prices and details with even more products worldwide that are available online.

Moreover, it could also reduce the money and time spent compared to the old, traditional way of shopping. As the numbers of the online shoppers increase, the numbers of online shops with free delivery service also increase. In this way, online shopping could make the shopaholics save up their travel time and transport money that used to be spent for going into the shops. For the shopaholics, online shops could release the shopaholics’ pressure to buy, since their online time spent is unlimited. Rather than purchasing stuff without enough time to consider, they have more time to choose and decide what they want to purchase wisely.

Furthermore, shops could also heighten the customer service through online communications. As the service is generally highly customizable, these online shops could regulate its own service to their customers to give what’s best for the customers. The communication between the customers to the sellers could be more effective, as there’s faster response and feedbacks with regards to the product information. As long as the online sellers could give what they’ve promises to the consumers, all the shopaholics could definitely be more satisfied with this kind of shopping experience.

To summarize, online shopping is undoubtedly beneficial for all the shoppers in the society worldwide. The high level of convenience mainly is the reason for all the advantages.

Nevertheless, there are also many disadvantages, such as privacy and security issues that occurred because of the online shopping activity. Below is one video provided from Youtube, which gives all the shopaholics out there few tips to shop online safely.

Happy shopping and stay aware!


Adinda J


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